Representative Matthew McQueen, House District 50


As a father, husband, friend, and attorney, I have committed my life to helping New Mexicans conserve their land and way of life. While I am now a representative, these priorities have not changed. Having spent my career standing up on the behalf of families, farmers, and ranchers, I continually find myself humbled to be the voice in the round house for New Mexicans who share my values. 

My son Jack, like your children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews, deserves a future where he doesn’t have to leave New Mexico to chase his dreams. My work as a Representative will not be finished until our values of family, land preservation, local economic strength, and a bright future are secured for each New Mexican. This means building a campaign with the help of supporters like you.

Together, we can establish a safer, more secure New Mexico for all our families.